The Muslim Marriage Business

Today's millennial Muslims, are venturing into cyberspace to find their own partners as their parents fail in such regard. The strength of this God given desire is forcing a new generation of Muslim to take things into their own hands as conditions necessitate. As the world becomes more connected electronically, things start to disconnect in the real world. To reach a wider audience, networks have to grow as well for parents in search of a match for their child. Traditional marriage bureaus will have to adapt and play an important role to reach out to potential matches which have not turned to the online marriage search.

In recent times there has been a sprout of Muslim matrimonial sites. The brief in your face scenario above can give you hints that the secret is no longer in the bag. The Muslim matrimony market is a double digit billion dollar market, and almost every player is in hopes to capture a small chunk or seize existing market share by force from existing players. There is no sign things slowing down. In fact, as the older population starts to shade the young everywhere, in the Muslim world things are just starting to pick up steam in the opposite direction today numbering almost 500 million in number, 1/4 the number of Muslims. Being the fastest growing religion for the last couple of decades is truly seeming to be Godsend, especially to the non-Muslim owned dating companies of Muslim dating sites in inverted commas.

The second reason for this boom. Being a relatively new segment coupled with the diversity and dynamics that exists in the Muslim community, many wide gaps that are just beginning to be identified for online Muslim marriage, matrimony segment. Just the diversity in names and that too in different languages can give you the idea. Some of these terms nikaah, shaadi, zawaj all have some relation to the marriage, matrimonial idea for the Muslim community. The Arabic language is well known for its eloquence and its capability to have a couple of handful of words to describe a single thing in detail with each having a unique meaning of its own that you only dream of in English.

Everyone basically wants a chunk of change either directly or indirectly. 100% free Muslim marriage sites are going for the quantity route to the likes of POF which earns millions a year from only advertising. Very few though they exist are more ideological and experimental in nature, these can be a gold mine in the long term if nurtured properly. In coming posts we will describe more as we go along and give you a backstage seat into the online dating matrimonial world.